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the vision

We believe agents STILL are and should always be at the center of real estate.

We make sure they give the right value to today's consumers.

What they say

Lo que mas me impresiono de Avanti Way es que desde el primer momento de comunicacion te hacen sentir con mucha seguridad y confianza, algo que todos necesitamos a la hora de tomar una desicion. Sin dejar de resaltar su profesionalismo y tecnologia avanzada.

Yadileny Campillo

What they say

Excellent in every way , it provides an excellent work experience, an incredible range of current tools, quality service , its human talent is professional and willing to guide us in everything, its leadership in Technology is used to the Maximum

Dugleivy Hernandez

What they say

The most complete and well organize office I know. Just the right place to be as Realtor at this amazing time of demanding technology and competitive market. Avanti knows what we need to work efficiently and focus on the real thing, The Clients.

Nadia Carrera



so we created the


It's incredible the transformation that happens when the right people and smart systems are put in place for agents to thrive.

They simply become great people to be around, to partner with, be a client for.


(Energy) Efficient Realestating

More Time + More Energy = Way More Profits


In A Nutshell

Increase ROI
Superior Service Offering
Stronger Brand Recognition
More Family Time
Marketing Headaches
Compliance Issues
Overwhelming Analytics
Fighting Complex Tech

technology that simplifies

One Platform For Everything

More than a tool, it’s an experience. There's a big difference between Apple, Tesla or Google and their competitors.

“Energy Efficient Realestating works in a platform where everything integrates beautifully and seamlessly”

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Master Your Market + -

Granular Market Analytics like you've never seen before. We've been gathering data for 15 years. Our smart platform decodes it and spoon feeds it to our agents. We can even know how much discount agents are giving in a particular area 😉

Manage Transactions Better + -
Transaction Manager that integrates with your CRM,  marketing, contracts, analytics and so on. 
Next Level Marketing + -
Marketing Suite for super easy, fast, and effective 1-click campaigns for you and your listings. Publish to social media, capture leads with landing pages, send email campaigns, create webinars, print materials... all integrated with our CRM of course. 
Integrated CRM + -

Unleash the power of a CRM conceptualized and built specifically for the real estate agent. Create or leverage your databases in a way that hasn't been done before by connecting everything to your Marketing Suite and listing Manager. It's a new way to convert prospects into clients. 

Productivity Tools + -
Online check printing and depositing, pre-filled contracts, business plan generator, CMAs, discount calculators, affordability analysis, video training modules, and so much more... everything with the same simplicity and design so you can get smarter and go go go.

Agent Growth

next level partnership

Let's Grow Together

We do the heavy lifting and pave the road. Agents just have to keep walking and follow the signs.

"3rd fastest growing company in South Florida."

the perfect partnership

We innovate, agents produce.

our commanders and chiefs

Be Led By Industry Leaders

Co-Founder / CEO

Andres Korda

Mr. Korda graduated from Georgetown with a degree in Business. Andres has passionately dedicated his efforts to transform the real estate industry by providing a proprietary technology platform and combining it with education, and a support-driven ecosystem that allows agents to eliminate complexity and accelerate their growth. Under his stewardship, Avanti Way Realty has grown to more than 1,200 agents and 8 offices. Andres oversees a portfolio currently valued at approximately $1 billion.

Co-Founder / CEO

Enrique Teran

Enrique’s lifelong passion and understanding of the real estate industry started with his family’s business. His first three years saw him closing over 200 transactions. This experience led him to a vision to transform the realtor-consumer interactions. Acting on his goals, he created one of the first paperless platforms in the industry. This system upgraded the whole real estate business model and delivered an enhanced experience. As the Co-Founder and Principal of the Avanti Way Group, he has led the organization to be one of the Top 50 most productive brokerage firms in Florida. Enrique served as the 2022 Residential President for the Miami Board of Realtors.

Executive VP

Ines Hegedus-Garcia

Ines is at the forefront of the prop-tech industry due to her industry leadership and hands-on approach to technology adoption. She has been identified by The National Association of REALTORS® as a thought leader because of her progressive ideas about real estate. Today she is called upon for speaking engagements all over the world to educate others about the power of new media and Ines' participation in leadership, as well as the early adoption of social media have earned her recognition and respect amongst her peers and clients. Ines is the 2023 Chairman of the Board of the Miami Association of REALTORS. She is the 2022 Chair of The Communications Committee at Florida REALTORS, the 2023 Chair of NAR's Federal Technology Committee, and is also a NAR and Florida REALTORS Director.

always evolving

News & Awards

Fastest Growing Company

Avanti Way was recognized as the 7th Fastest Growing Company in South Florida for 2022 by the South Florida Business Journal.

The Inman Innovator Awards

Avanti Way has been selected as a Finalist for "Most Innovative Brokerage" for 2016.

The Up & Comer Awards

This award for the Real Estate category was won 2 consecutive years by Avanti Way leaders, Andres Korda (2015) and Enrique Teran (2016).

R.E.A.L Awards

The founders of Avanti Way, won the Residential Broker category for the R.E.A.L Awards for 2016.

40 Under 40

Andres Korda, one of the company founders and directors, has been honored with this recognition for the year 2016.

Inman Connect

Enrique Teran and Andres Korda have been speakers at the renowned Inman Connect conferences in New York City (2015) and San Francisco (2016).



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Energy Efficient Realestating

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