The MK Roundup 2020

Proofreading Process >

Surveys integrated with systems >

Agent Profile Videos >

Lower price and improved quality by going to Mexico >

Took out the minimum per month >

Automated the workflow with landing and survey >

Avanti gets $100 per session >

Branding analysis >

Mostly white and secondary colors. No use of drak green. Limited pallete >

Cleaner minimalistic design with circles, rounded corners and ticktock style text border. No bold words to highlight messages >

No boxes, less sectionalized >

Black and white pics >

No photos in emails signature >

Unified text design >

Revised stock footage to comply with new look and tone >

Bring it home concept - still in progress for final proposal >

Defined language and tone: smart, techy, human, authority, visionary, charming, casual, trustworthy, local >


Created pipelines >

Looms to explain processes >

Defined workflows >

Setup individual accounts >

Triggers >

Funnels >

Connected and integrated to Avanti Way's ecosystem & outside services >

Individual calendar integrations (some setbacks here) >

Migreated databases >

Project management system > Click Up & Slack

We setup and integrated Clickup and Slack for efficiency, transparency, and accountability.

Clickup: All in one place > brainstorms, projects, tasks, campaigns, operations, tools, templates, documents, files.

Slack: all communications within MK department and also with support, recruiting and Motion Ave. Integrations with typeform, social media trends, agent support emails, printing workflow, clickup, mailchimp...

Cleaned and optimized Email, Whatsapp and Social Media communications, requested Avex pop-up >

We optimized communications with agents. Still an ongoing process. It's important to have the posibility to unsubscribe to make sure agents are happy and engaging >

Mary's workload softened so she can focus on quality and go deeper into other social media platforms like LinkedIn and FB >

Surveys >

Typeform > We realized that users prefer to use whatsapp 📱

Integration of support, recruiting and MK teams >

Talked to Bolivia team so we standarize and improve their points of contact >

Unification of tone and language in progress for support and MK dept >

Optimized communications in Slack >

Trained Guille to be the MK Support person >

No photos in emails signature >

Added workflow for new features or announcements so support knows before agents >

Conversations with Mack and Gonzalo about MK approach and what works for recruiting. (in progress) >

Website >

Old 👎

New 🤩

Signatures >

Staff 💻

Support 📡

Automatic drip campaign for recruiting with funnel >

Webinar drip campaign >

Agentpreneur Awards > Verified concept

Ads >

Business Plan #1 >

Business Plan #2 >

How we do this in Avanti #1 >

How we do this in Avanti #2 >

More Ads >

How we do this in Avanti #3 >

How we do this in Avanti #4 >

Locals know best >

This is our REALTORS do it >

SMS campaign test >

Successful beta testing of SMS campaigns >

Engagement rate was more than 60% and 13% positive response out of the 100 texts that were sent out >

9 hot leads sent to recruiters >

Landings >

What's Next ?

Finish rebranding of general message >

Finish website design of and >

Update designs for ongoing communications (emails, posts...) >

Ad Campaigns >

Better screening for agents >

Find a 3rd face for Avanti - (woman) >

Webinars should be a big training (or look liked) >

Mentorship program >

Marketing budget >

Automatic following Gaby y Christian >

Someone has to be on top of the reporting >

Campaign for small teams showing them our team management tools (not yet) >

Engage in FB and LinkedIn >

Budget >

We spent >

$ 0

in adpsend.