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Our Team

Our Team

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Co-Founder / CEO

Andres Korda

Mr. Korda graduated from Georgetown with a degree in Business. Andres has passionately dedicated his efforts to transform the real estate industry by providing a proprietary technology platform and combining it with education, and a support-driven ecosystem that allows agents to eliminate complexity and accelerate their growth. Under his stewardship, Avanti Way Realty has grown to more than 1,200 agents and 8 offices. Andres oversees a portfolio currently valued at approximately $1 billion.

Co-Founder / CEO

Enrique Teran

Enrique’s lifelong passion and understanding of the real estate industry started with his family’s business. His first three years saw him closing over 200 transactions. This experience led him to a vision to transform the realtor-consumer interactions. Acting on his goals, he created one of the first paperless platforms in the industry. This system upgraded the whole real estate business model and delivered an enhanced experience. As the Co-Founder and Principal of the Avanti Way Group, he has led the organization to be one of the Top 50 most productive brokerage firms in Florida. Enrique served as the 2022 Residential President for the Miami Board of Realtors.

Executive VP

Ines Hegedus-Garcia

Ines is at the forefront of the prop-tech industry due to her industry leadership and hands-on approach to technology adoption. She has been identified by The National Association of REALTORS® as a thought leader because of her progressive ideas about real estate. Today she is called upon for speaking engagements all over the world to educate others about the power of new media and Ines' participation in leadership, as well as the early adoption of social media have earned her recognition and respect amongst her peers and clients. Ines is the 2023 Chairman of the Board of the Miami Association of REALTORS. She is the 2022 Chair of The Communications Committee at Florida REALTORS, the 2023 Chair of NAR's Federal Technology Committee, and is also a NAR and Florida REALTORS Director.


Mark Jakes

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