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What you get for $350 >

Once a month, Avanti offers agents a turn-key video content solution. We review your script if there is one, if not, we'll ask you some questions on camera, shoot it, and take care of post-production with the Avanti look&feel.

Up to 1 minute profile video

1 round of tweaks

On brand title graphics


B-roll that includes shots of you at work and pre-recorded drone shots based on your farm area (approximately)

For a more customized video, please let us know through the same form.


When will the next session be?

 It depends on when the positions are filled to be able to record more than one at the same time and take advantage of the production day. It’s the way to keep costs low.


Where will it be?

 As soon as we have the location defined for each recording, we will notify the address

It’s usually recorded once a month.


What time will the next session be?

 You will receive a notification with this and all the information about it. If the email has already been sent to you, please check again.


How long does the recording take?

 The team will be recording all day, for 10 hours approximately. But please keep in mind that each agent will have to be available on location for about 5 hours.


How much does it cost?

 It costs $350


What is included in the service?

 We review the script if you write one or we send you the questions you will answer on camera. We produce the film and make all the post-production, including editing, music, drone, 2D titles, and color correction.


Do I have to follow a script?

 You don’t have to, only if you want to. We do not recommend it if reading from a teleprompter is not easy for you. It usually comes out more naturally when answering questions.

Do I have to study the script or can I read?

 As you prefer, but if you don’t read it well, the video will not turn out well.


May I require exclusive drone shots from my market area?

We have a good number of drone shots covering various market areas. If there is one that we do not cover and we find it necessary, we will make it. We usually do not make custom shots by agents. However, you can always quote with the recording team to make them on your own.


Who do I contact for editing details?

 All notes to the editor must be sent to


Is there a dress code?

Wear clothing that represents you as an agent. Clothes say a lot about your personality and your style. Comfortable clothes. If you perspire a lot, make sure to wear something that helps if that’s the case. Avoid scratching or wearing distracting fine patterns and brand logos.


What do I need to bring?

Women should bring makeup, especially the foundation to cover sweat.

If you use an iPad or laptop, bring it so we can take shots of you while working.

Anything else you consider interesting to show on camera.

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